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HIPAA Training

Privacy and confidentiality assured.

We have taken strict measures to ensure HIPAA Compliance. To assure our clients of the safety of their healthcare data we have instituted the following safeguards in our production center.

  • Utilizes protection software that allows the server to be monitored and hence can be guarded against any unauthorized access.

  • Transcriber’s computers are password protected to prevent any unauthorized individual from gaining access to the secured information.

  • Firewall software has been installed to ensure that IP addresses are "invisible" and not "accessible" from the Internet.

  • A secure server has been installed for file storage and electronic transfer of files.

  • All files are named with a code to ensure server protection.

  • We destroy all voice and text files when their retention is no longer necessary. While doing so the files will be destroyed in a manner that they cannot be restored.

Have written agreements with every employ who receives protected health information from the client/service by which the employee agree to protect the integrity and confidentiality of protected health information exchanged with clients.